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Carrying & Forwarding

Hoka Hoki Indonesia, serve the company and the industry as a supplier of raw materials for production and sellers of specific products according to market demand.

We become the intermediary between buyers and producers in implementing the import of start buying up the delivery process and permits out of customs.

Hoka Hoki Indonesia to represent the interests of the owner of the goods to take care of all the activities necessary for the implementation of activities delivery goods (from inside and outside the country) through the air and sea transport, with the activities of receipt of goods, storage of goods, sorting goods, packing of goods, procurement, measurement goods, weighing goods, the maintenance of the settlement documents, the issuance of transport documents, calculating the cost of transport, insurance claims, upon delivery of goods and the completion of the maintenance of customs and tax bills and charges - other costs.

As for the types of services includes

  • Air Freight Service ; providing air transport services at prices agent.
  • Sea Freight Service; providing sea transport services at prices agent.
  • Door to Port Service; froom point of origin up to the point of unloading port.
  • Door to Door Service; froom point of origin up to the point of end user.